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“When you work with Dimension Property Solutions you work with Wendy.  She is a wealth of knowledge!  She is very organized and easy to work with.  I highly recommend her and her company.”



“I have worked with Wendy for eight years and have found her very consistent due to her strong core ethics.  She excels at complex projects that involve multiple stake-holders  and demands management of confidential information.  Before she takes on a project she strives to fully understand the implications before she commits, for once she commits she is all in.   The teams that she has lead feel engaged and informed, and have a joint sense of mission.  I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to be successful in projects with complex or difficult objectives.”

Mike W.  


“I have worked professionally with Wendy for the last 3 years in Jacksonville.  She is organized, professional, cooperative – and always very deliberate in what she does.  She means what she says and DOES what she says!  Work with someone you can trust, work with Dimension Property Solutions.  “

Tammy G.

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